Persian Fine Art

Persian Fine Art, also known as Persian calligraphy, is a type of Islamic art that has been practiced for many centuries. It was often used to illustrate poetry and literature, but today it is more often used for decorative purposes. Nasta’liq script is one kind of Persian calligraphy that can be seen on many different types of art and architecture throughout the world. It’s often seen in Iran on mosques and shrines because it’s a part of their culture.

Persian Fine Art with Calligraphy

Persian calligraphy is a type of calligraphy that is used in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. It has been known for centuries as the most famous form of Islamic art.

There are many different styles of Persian calligraphy, but most of them are based on poetry written by famous poets during the time when Persia was the major power in the world.

Persian calligraphers were known for their extraordinary talent and ability to draw beautiful geometric patterns with their pens or brushes. The way they drew these patterns would make people feel like they were looking at flowers blooming on paper!

The most common calligraphy style is Nastaliq, which was developed by Persian calligraphers in the 14th century and has since become known as one of the most beautiful styles of writing in the world. Nastaliq is written from right to left and consists of two interlocking paragraphs that form a diamond shape.

Nasta’liq Script

  • Nasta’liq script is a type of Persian calligraphy that is considered cursive, meaning it flows more like handwriting than some other scripts.
  • Nasta’liq has a beautiful appearance, even when it’s written in small script.
  • This type of Persian calligraphy can be found on antique pieces from all over the world, including Turkey, India and China.

The script is also used as a decorative style in modern Persian calligraphy. Nasta’liq is a very common art form in Iran, and it can be seen on everything from wedding invitations to commemorative plates.

Nasta’liq script is a beautiful type of Persian calligraphy, but it is difficult to master.

Nasta’liq script is a beautiful type of Persian calligraphy, but it is difficult to do. It is a cursive style of writing that was developed during the 15th century. Nasta’liq script is one way to write in Farsi (the official language of Iran). If you are looking for inspiration for your own Persian-inspired artwork, you may want to try this style!

History Of Persian Fine Art

Persian Calligraphy has a long history, with its roots traced back to Iran. It began as an art form more than 3,000 years ago and has since been used by many great Persian artists.

Persian Calligraphy is considered to be one of the most beautiful forms of calligraphy, and it can be found on everything from ancient manuscripts and Iranian architecture to modern art pieces and home decor items. You can even see it in logos and advertisements today!

Persian calligraphy is a very important part of Iranian culture. It’s not just an art form; it has also been used for religious purposes as well. Persian calligraphy has influenced many other forms of calligraphy, including Arabic and Indian styles.

The art of Persian calligraphy is still practiced today. You can see it in many places, including museums, galleries and art shows. It’s also become popular for home decor items such as pillows and rugs. These pieces are often sold in gift shops or online stores specializing in Middle Eastern products.

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If you’re looking to order custom Persian Calligraphy Art, Masud Valipour is the gentleman to speak to. He is an Persian calligrapher and master of the Persian Nasta’liq script, which he has been practicing since the early 1980’s.

Interested in ordering a piece? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Mr. Valipour accepts work for custom pieces, but you may need to pre-pay a deposit or the price of the whole art piece as negotiated with Mr. Valipour.

  • Mr. Valipour has a variety of art pieces for sale that may not be listed on this website, it would be best to contact him with your goals and see if he has any options for you to purchase.

  • You can visit Mr. Valipour in his modest art studio and bookstore at 1441 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, or you can contact him by phone or e-mail.

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