Persian & Iranian Party Invitations

Persian Party Invitations are printed invitations that can be used to invite people to attend a party. These invitations can be used for a variety of celebrations, such as Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Engagements, Birthdays, and much more. These cards are usually sent through the post office and contain a short description of the party along with other details like date, time and venue. 

The term “Persian” is used in this context because these cards were originally designed for Iranian or Persian people who celebrate their birthdays or weddings in a unique manner. The design of these cards has become very popular now and they are being used by all kinds of people to invite their relatives and friends to their parties.

There are many different kinds of Persian Party Invitations available in market today, but before you buy any one of them, it is important that you look at its design first so that you can make sure it matches with the theme of your party perfectly.

What kind of Persian Art can I put on a invitation?

There are many different types of Persian arts that you could use on your invitations. A popular option that many people get is Persian Calligraphy.

Calligraphy – This is writing in an artistic way that often uses gold or silver ink on paper or silk. It can be used for decoration on clothing or artwork as well as for writing letters or words. Calligraphic designs often feature flowers and plants because these were important to the people who lived in ancient Persia (Iran). They also include the names of the people that are being celebrated, or a special name or quote that carries a special meaning to you.


Where can I get Custom Art for a Persian Party Invitation?

Mr. Masud Valipour is an experienced persian calligraphist with years of experience, and is able to make a custom art piece for you to use on your next Persian (or Iranian) party celebration. You can get into contact by Mr. Valipour by calling his cell phone, (310) 977-3130, or by calling the number of his modest art studio and book store, Ketabsara (310) 477-4700.

You can also visit Mr. Valipour in his modest art studio if you are near the Los Angeles area. The address is 1441 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024.

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